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We provide an extensive range of carport, pergola, decking, and patio services in Geelong.

Are you searching for an economical and functional storage option to protect your vehicle or other valuable equipment and items from the extreme and unpredictable weather challenges of Australia? Look no further and visit the Geelong Carports – one of the leading suppliers and service providers for carports, patios, decks, and pergolas installation in Geelong.

Our firm has been delivering bespoke designs and high-quality outdoor living solutions at a fair price. At Carports Geelong, we craft and set up heavy-duty carports and other outdoor structures of all dimensions and forms for folks all across the city.

In Geelong, carports installation is gaining a lot of recognition because of its versatility in design, superior security for assets, and varied advantages for the property owners. With our modern equipment, high-grade materials, and adept workers, we can build a customized carport out of your unique specifications and preferences.

Poor selections and low-quality structures with unjustifiable prices are a nightmare for many property owners. Do not come to terms with anything less than you require, and hire a trusted and proficient service provider to guide you in achieving what you really need and want. When you choose Geelong Carports for your carport, pergola, deck, or patio needs in the city, know that you will have the freedom to pick from a diverse selection of forms, dimensions, and tasteful designs.

Whether you require a cost-friendly outdoor living solution for a single vehicle or need an industrial-sized structure for other applications, Carports Geelong can guarantee that we can deliver efficient results that meet your specific expectations or may even go beyond them. Call our support team at your convenience, and let us give you a quote and schedule a consultation to start up your project.


we build robust, cost-effective carports

Our Services

what we do best.

Carports are the cheapest way to get your space back and keep it for yourself. They’re a great alternative if you don’t have much money  but want some outdoor protection from rain, snow, sun, etc.

Pergolas can be the perfect addition to any outdoor living area. They provide shade on hot days while also creating that welcoming feeling we all crave when coming home from work or school.

Add a patio to your backyard for year-long enjoyment. Patios are ideal if you want protection from the harsh elements that can be found in an outdoor environment and make it enjoyable all year long!

Build yourself an entirely new space right in your own back yard with our variety of wood options. Whether you want something rustic or modern, we have just what you’re looking for.


What makes Geelong Carports unique

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At Carports Geelong, we strive to deliver high quality custom designed carports, while remaining highly competitive with our competitors. We're not the cheapest, but we do deliver long-lasting results.

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Professional Workmanship

All of our carport builders uphold a very high standard of professionalism and quality. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our work.

two people seeing their pergolas completed by Geelong Carports


Client satisfaction is always number one on our priority list. We always strive to deliver exceptional customer service, with our transparent communication and unparalleled results.

Our Carport Design Options

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions for any variety of applications. Whether you need a six-by-six garage or something more complicated, we’re here to help! We would love to hear about your unique plans—give us call today and let’s get started building an exciting new space that will be perfect for all of your needs!

Choice of Sizes

Carports Geelong offers many options for carport sizes and heights. We can accommodate carports in kit form or freestanding carports, a caravan or motorhome with the height, as well as if you need to cover more space we have wider spans than other suppliers offer.

Choice of Colours

The future is now. With over 20 colours available, you can find the perfect hue to match your personality and any situation! Bluescope Lysaght has recently introduced some more colours with a wide range of shades like blue, green, yellowish-orangey tones that will be sure to keep up with modern trends as we move forward in time together–a little bit at a time.

How to choose the best carport

Carport Design

A carport is a perfect way to protect your vehicle from inclement weather.
A custom-built, beautifully designed carport with a flat roof will shelter you and your assets for many years on end. We offer a variety of styles that meet every taste and budget – no matter if it’s classic or contemporary, our expert team can design an appropriate space for you!

Carport Layout

In coming up with a final layout, we present it to our clients for approval. We do this because all of the projects that come through us are collaborative efforts and what’s best is when both parties are satisfied at the end! From building permits to compliance with safety standards- rest assured, you can rely on us every step of way; from start to finish.

Carport Installation

Our systematic and organised approach in our installation helps us maintain a stress-free, hassle-free service. Our professionals will oversee each and every phase of the project, as well as providing timely updates to clients throughout their experience with us. Thus not only do we take away any inconveniences from you or your family members during the process; but also keep them in constant communication about what’s going on at all times through phone calls, emails, texts etcetera!

We provide the most reliable carport solutions in Geelong

Our carports are visually superior, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

A well-built and top-quality carport can benefit you more than just being a place where you can safely store your vehicle. At Carports Geelong, we are aware of the importance of functional and attractive carports in elevating your property’s value. With our reliable and skillful team, we have successfully installed and built numerous carport solutions, from modern carports to freestanding carports.

At Geelong Carports, we take care of our customers and their properties with the utmost expertise and an expansive variety of designs and materials to build a solution that will complement their existing space. Whether you require a modern carport for a single-vehicle enclosure, a large multi-vehicle structure with a flat roof, boat ports, freestanding carports, or caravan ports, trust that we can handle it for you.

Do you plan to have it built soon? Schedule a consultation with us anytime and let us aid you in bringing your dream carport into reality. For those who are still undecided about this project, here is a shortlist of benefits of our premium quality carports:

Geelong Carports is the City’s Most Reliable Installer of Durable pergolas.

With all the variety of outdoor living solutions to choose from, picking one to best suit your spaces can be challenging. If you prefer an alternative to a patio or deck, you can try having a custom pergola built in your property. With its attractive columns topped with an artfully crafted roof, a pergola is a unique and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor spaces in Geelong. At Carports Geelong, we offer numerous pergola designs which feature distinctive styles and tons of material options to make sure that it will effortlessly blend with your backyard setting. If you want to achieve a professionally built pergola for your home, call or email our support team so we can schedule a consultation with you as soon as possible. The pergolas we install are always of superior quality and incorporate various benefits, including:

we build luxurious and cozy pergolas at a competitive rate

We are home to the most skilled and experienced patio installers in Geelong

Transform your backyard with a patio that not only looks but also feels great.

Building patios may be overlooked because it is an exterior space. However, remember an expert’s assistance is essential if you are after superior quality patios that will stay durable and attractive even with the test of time. Whatever your purpose may be for building or refurbishing a patio, treat it as a long-term investment that can benefit you more in the long run. Having a patio is an affordable alternative in upscaling and changing the overall look of your hardscape areas. At Geelong Carports, we handle patio construction or repairs expertly to aid our customers in achieving numerous advantages that may even surpass your specifications. If you want to achieve a functional and beautiful patio, Geelong Carport’s team is the one for you. Patios, when built excellently, can effectively develop the curb appeal and value of your property. Discover why it is great to have our top-grade patio on your property:

Add equity to your home with beautiful and comfortable outdoor decks. 

The testimonials and results posted by our valued customers are one of the reasons why more property owners in Geelong are reaching out to us for their dream decks. At Carports Geelong, we place high regard on our lifelong partnership with our customers. We believe that it is crucial to crafting functional, long-lasting, and aesthetically designed decks specifically tailored to each of our customer’s distinctive needs and preferences. At Geelong Carports, we are a crew of highly capable professionals in deck design and solution. We have substantial experience in building, repairing, and renovating decks in the city. Through our various custom solutions that seamlessly fit our customer’s specifications, we are happy that there is an addition to the people who can enjoy Australia’s outdoor weather in full range in every project we finish. Are you one of the homeowners who are still unsure if a deck is a worth-it investment for you and your property? Check out the array of advantages you can have with our premium decks:

We deliver durable and long-lasting decking solutions

Our Approach

Professional Carport Solutions in Geelong

Superior Quality Services Tailored For Your Budget

We understand that every cent counts, and if you need superior Australian Standards quality services and results that are tailored for your budget, Carports Geelong is the service provider you should look for. Let your hard-earned money turn into a long-term investment for you and your property. At Geelong Carports, we don’t accomplish things halfway. Through our skilled crew, innovative equipment, and top-notch materials, we always offer outstanding results that are worth every cent of your hard-earned budget without any hidden costs.


When you choose Geelong Carports for your outdoor living project in town, you will have the freedom to pinpoint what dimension, style, shape, or design you need and prefer for your spaces. You don’t have to settle for a one size fits all solution because it may just cause you a substantial amount in case it does not give you the results you specified. At Carports Geelong, we deliver one of the leading carports for a fair price in Geelong and note that we craft more than just carports too. Our custom-built patios, decks, and pergolas are also top of the line, so if ever you are eager to have the project started soon, we are the team for you!

Remarkable Outdoor Living Solutions

Not only are our outdoor living solutions made with superior quality materials, but they are excellent market value boosts to each of our customer’s property too. At Geelong Carports, we propose a full range of alternatives when it comes to materials and finishes of their patio, pergola, deck, or carport in Geelong. From the size up to the unique specifications you have, just let our dependable and expert tradespeople know what you want to achieve, and we will take it from there. With our long years of expertise in delivering satisfactory solutions to many property owners throughout the city, we can give you advice and alternatives to ensure that you can have a remarkable outdoor living solution that will suit your lifestyle and property.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Carports Geelong, we suggest a height of roughly around 12 feet. This is considered the most effective height dimension for most regular-sized vehicles. 

When it comes to garages, you need a carport that is sturdy and reliable. You cannot settle for anything less than the best quality product because your garage will be holding up all of your prized possessions so you should never have any issues with durability or stability when choosing our metal buildings in Phoenix!

The location where I am planning on putting my new steel building can’t be more than 3” off level. It won’t take much effort at all to get everything secure since these heavy-duty anchors are installed into flat surfaces without issue!

The overall time needed for designing and constructing a carport relies on the scope, scale, and complexity of design preferences. We can discuss in detail the design, quote, and timeframe required for the project through our consultations. 

Building a garage is an important decision and it’s easy to mix up the terminology. Understanding these terms will help you make that decision with confidence! Let’s take a look at what peak height means versus clearance, both of which are crucial in determining how much usable space your new garage will have. The PEAK refers to the highest part or flat roof of any structure while CLEARANCE has nothing whatsoever to do with inches so don’t worry about measuring anything during this step!

We offer the option for a color match/two-tone design. This will allow you to choose colors for your bottom 3 foot panels on either side or end and top so that they are different than each other just as if it were painted in two separate colours. We also have options such as roofing, trimming, and more!

Do not let matching paint ruin your first impression with our beautiful vinyl siding products! Choose from 10 different colour choices including white, beige browns, greys – all of which can come mixed together too!

No, Carports Geelong does not do any groundwork. The customer should have the ground level and ready for install on whatever surface the building will be placed when our team arrives to complete your custom metal building installation.