Aluminum VS Steel Carports: Which to Choose

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A carport is one of the highly convenient types of structures you can have for your property especially when there is no garage built-in. One of the main benefits of a carport is the variety of designs and styles that you can choose from and all can provide durability and visual appeal for your property. With different materials that you can select for your carport though, some of them can work better for you than others.

Among the different materials that carports can be built with, aluminium and steel are some of the sturdier materials that can be selected. Both materials offer different benefits for your property but when choosing between the two, it may fall on what different features they hold.

Factors Differentiating Aluminum and Steel Carports

Aluminium and steel are some of the different metal types of materials you can have for your carports and both hold different features that can enhance your property. When comparing the two, however, both offer different things when determined by the following factors:


Between the two, aluminium is considerably lighter than steel and would need additional features to match with steel as the lightweight material holds less structural strength and cannot withstand heavy loads as effectively as the heavier steel carport. Steel carports on the other hand would work well for areas that are prone to high winds or heavy snowfall due to their weight-bearing properties.


For this factor, another point would go to steel as aluminium is more susceptible to denting and deforming due to various impacts. Depending on the design of the carport, steel can not only have it withstand heavy weather but with the right weight, can have it remain standing even during strong winds or seismic conditions. Aluminium carports would work better for areas with milder weather and are more convenient in terms of placement and installation


When comparing the two on this aspect, aluminium presents more ease in maintenance as it is a rust-resistant material and has a very high oxidation tolerance. While you may notice a build-up of a chalky, white powder on your aluminium carport over time, it can be easily removed by scrubbing with a brush and a solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Steel carports, on the other hand, while able to withstand heavy elements, can end up rusting once their coating is damaged.

Choosing Between The Two and Why Have Geelong Carports Provide For You

Though it may seem that a steel carport can offer more in terms of a durable structure, both materials have very specific roles and each is better for a certain use than the other. Depending on different factors and conditions in your area that could affect your carport, either aluminium or steel would work better as a material. For something easier to handle and low in maintenance, you will want aluminium. But if your area is prone to heavy weather, you will want a steel carport though you will want to look out for its maintenance.

If you are unsure of what type of carport would work best for your property or want to ensure your choice would stand well against different factors involved in your area, a professional service group is a way to go. For reliable consultation and quality options, you will want Geelong Carports. With Geelong Carports, you can be assured that any carport needs are met with hassle-free results.


There are a number of different options that you can choose from for your carport. Depending on the conditions and requirements that come with your area, there are some materials that are more suitable than others. If you are more interested in metal types of carports, both aluminium and steel offer different benefits with the former being lightweight and easy to maintain while the latter deals well with heavy weather. Whatever material you choose for your carport, different factors can help determine the best fitting one.