Attached Garages vs. Detached Garages: What Should You Choose?

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Whether you are just a new property owner or looking into revamping your space, it is essential to understand the differences between an attached garage and a detached garage. To determine what will work best for you, you need to weigh several aspects, such as your lot size, budget, and intended purpose. Besides that, you can also consider the advantage and disadvantages that come with the options you have.

At Geelong Carports, we want to help our customers make a sound decision for their property. Learn more about the distinctive features that each choice offers so you can decide which is more practical and functional for you and your property.

Detached Garages

This type of garage is a self-contained structure that is completely unattached to the main house. In Geelong, a detached garage is a traditional option for many homeowners. When garages become popular, most of them are built separately from the house because it is constructed just like a carriage house. Depending on your requirements, a detached garage can have a room for parking, storage space, heating, cooling and an automatic overhead door.


If you have a small or older-style home, an attached garage may tend to look awkward or out-of-place because it can dominate the façade of your house. A detached garage will not overwhelm the overall look of your home because you can strategically set it in any area of your property. Whether you want to erect a detached garage beside your house or you prefer to set it in your yard, our expert team can do it for you.

This type of garage is a safe storage area for chemical-based products such as cleaners, weed and insect killers and paint. Although these items are technically safe when handled and stored properly, there are still risks that can cause them to emit hazardous fumes. With a detached garage, you can have the peace of mind that you store these items in a building not directly attached to your house.

A detached garage limits home access points. Some property owners in Geelong also favours the added sense of security it provides. Since it is an entirely separate building, it can limit the easy access points to the main house. You don’t have to worry about intruders who might enter through the garage’s window or door.

Attached Garages

Although attached garages are fairly new in the industry, some people opt to have them because of their convenience. Usually, you can only fit a car or two in this structure, but attached garages are popular because they can be transformed into an extension of the outdoor living area.


It can be easily accessed. Compared to a detached garage where you have to walk a few steps before you reach the main house, this type of garage can be easily accessed since it is directly attached to your house. Besides that, if you plan to use your garage as a workspace or a place for cookouts, you no longer need to travel back and forth just to get the materials you need.

An attached garage can be conveniently installed. If you are scouring for a cost-effective and practical space to park your car and store valuable equipment, an attached garage can be an ideal option. Since you just have to attach it to your house, you can easily set it up because you already have a wall or two that will form the garage’s skeleton.