How to Choose the Right Carport Size for Your Home

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Having a carport installed can be a convenient choice to make for your property when no garage has been previously. As a structure that can come in different styles and materials, a carport can bring many benefits for your home outside of being a shade. When deciding to have one installed, however, there are different factors that need to be considered first. Among the different factors that you will want to have checked is the carport size.

What is Involved in Choosing a Carport Size

Choosing the right carport size can depend on different points as it can affect both your vehicle and your property. In addition to this, determining the most fitting size can also help any possible compromise involving local regulations. Overall, the points that help determine what size of carport would work for your home include:

Considering the Type of Vehicle

The biggest factor that is involved in choosing a carport size is ensuring that your vehicle is able to fit on it. The type of vehicle is also the easiest way to determine the dimensions needed for your carport structure. A standard structure can easily handle a regular car or small truck but may not be able to fit a larger vehicle. If you find difficulty in maneuvering through the standard size, you have the option to make the structure wider.

Noting on the Number of Cars

There may be cases of there being more than one vehicle on your property. Because of this, you will want to consider a wider carport to accommodate them. A key consideration, in this case, is the space between the vehicles. When planning out the dimensions of the structure, you will want to make sure that there is enough space so that the doors to each car can be opened freely without hitting or touching the other vehicle.

Checking How Much Space is Available

While it may help to understand what dimensions your vehicle may need in determining what size fits, how much space can be filled can end up compromising things. Depending on where you decide to have your carport installed and what requirements are in place, you may find certain limitations to your overall carport design. If you find yourself unsure about any aspect of your carport project, consulting a professional service group can also provide alternative options to fit your carport needs.

Other Applications of the Carport Structure

A carport can be more than a place to protect your vehicle. It can also be used to store other equipment or be an extended area for outdoor activities. Whatever applications you are aiming for with your carport, there are different size guidelines to help accommodate them all. In addition to this, you also have the option to add additional features coverings or such to enhance the space.

Determining Future Plans

There is no telling what the future holds but it is always best to prepare for it when it comes to structures like carports. Whether it be increasing the size of your carport or improving the dimensions to fit another vehicle, proper preparation can prevent any hassle. If allowed, it is advised to consider a larger than initially intended carport. This can allow for ease of any future uses and decrease the need for additional costs.

How Can Hiring Geelong Carports Help You

With the different factors involved in determining what dimensions would work for your carport needs. By choosing to have Geelong Carports install the structure, however, you can be guaranteed an experienced team that can provide a hassle-free process with quality results. What’s more, you will find that Geelong Carports offer budget-friendly options and if you find a need for additional carport features, you can be assured that they will be met.


A carport is a versatile and convenient structure to have for your property but there are different considerations to be made with its design. Especially when it is regarding its size. Determining what dimensions are needed to accommodate your vehicle and what space is available along with other points can help in having a quality and fitting carport installed. By knowing what helps in planning out the most fitting carport size, you can avoid any possible design hassle or limitations.