5 Reasons to Have A Customized Lean-to

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Is your regular garage too cramped? Do you need another space where you can store your valuables, sports or lawn equipment or other machinery? If you are running out of space in your garage, building a separate storage room or another garage can be expensive. In that case, a lean-to structure can be an excellent solution to this hurdle. A lean-to garage or carport can serve the same purpose you require without spending a hefty sum on materials and installation.

This practical structure appeals to a wide range of property owners because it is more versatile, practical and affordable. In fact, in Geelong, many residents favour lean-to buildings because they can be easily installed and are significantly cost-effective compared to other outdoor storage solutions. Since a lean-to carport is a free-standing structure that has one of its sides leaning to an existing building, you can just attach it to your house or a previously erected garage, and you are good to go!

At Geelong Carports, we deliver top-grade lean-to structures that can cater to the unique requirements of our customers. Our custom-made lean-to garage and carports are made with utmost attention to detail and expertise to ensure that we can offer top-quality results that will last for the years to come. To help you make a sound decision, here are five advantages that a customized lean-to can extend to you.

Added Equipment Storage

Having more storage space is always advantageous, especially if your existing garage is running low on space. Since a lean-to structure has a roof and you can choose the size you need, it can provide ample protection from direct sunlight and rainfall. Although we do not advise storing valuable heirlooms under a lean-to, it is a great place to keep sports or lawn equipment and park vehicles.

An All-Weather Outdoor Space

If you have carpentry work to finish, an unexpected rainstorm or snow spell can be very inconvenient. By adding a lean-to carport or garage, you can have a spacious and fully-covered outdoor space that can shelter you from the ever-changing weather condition and harsh elements. Besides that, you can also customize your lean-to building to suit various outdoor recreations such as alfresco dining, barbeque parties, or simple gatherings.

Easy to Install

Installing a lean-to carport or garage is convenient. With a customized lean-to structure, you will have the freedom to craft a storage solution that is well-suited for your location so that it can be easily installed. At Geelong Carports, you can just tell us your requirements for the project, and we can handle the design and installation for you.

High Durability

The climate in every area can greatly vary. Your place may be prone to heavy rains or extreme snow loads. That is why investing in a customized lean-to can be more advantageous than a pre-designed one. You can choose the materials and design that will be incorporated into the structure to ensure that it can resist the elements and withstand the weather condition in your area. At Geelong Carports, we have formed strong partnerships with various local manufacturers so we can guarantee that the materials we use are all highly durable and affordable.

Visual Appeal

We know that as much as you value functionality, you also want your lean-to to look aesthetically pleasing. With a customized lean-to, you can choose the material, colour scheme and design that will best complement your property. Besides that, you can also choose whether you want your lean-to carport to wrap over and across your home or opt to just have it attached on one side of the building. No matter what design you prefer for your lean-to structures, our team can efficiently handle it all for you.