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Carports in Geelong

Having a carport can bring in different benefits to your property, especially if you do not have a garage space for your vehicle. A carport can be a versatile structure in both design and size. Whatever style you decide on though, may depend on whether it can be applied after the different needed points of installation are confirmed. Are you unsure on installing a carport because of this? Then you can be assured that there are different benefits that can be found as well.


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At Carports Geelong, we strive to deliver high quality custom designed carports, while remaining highly competitive with our competitors. We're not the cheapest, but we do deliver long-lasting results.

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Professional Workmanship

All of our carport builders uphold a very high standard of professionalism and quality. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our work.

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Client satisfaction is always number one on our priority list. We always strive to deliver exceptional customer service, with our transparent communication and unparalleled results.

Advantages to and What to Consider with Carports

A big advantage to having a carport is that it can provide protection against different weather conditions like rain and hail which can result in damage and a budget for repairs. A carport basically ensures a reduction in exposure to the elements and damaging conditions. To better guarantee this, you may need to consider the roofing material which has different options including  roof sheets, polycarbonate roof sheets and other modern materials.

As stated, a carport can be versatile in terms of style with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available to choose from. However, among the different options, it is encouraged that either a gable or curved roof structure is chosen due to its increased ridge height. In addition to its height, these roof types utilize colored side beams and colored rafters to provide ample clearance. If these options do not work for you, you can consult with a professional service on what style would work best for your property. 

Before you can fully confirm what type of carport you would like to have, there are three main things to consider prior to installation. The first thing you will need to determine is how you would want to have your carport position. It’s placement will ensure that your property is not compromised from the structure while also providing a functional space. 

More than this, the position of your carport mainly depends on council regulations, stormwater access, driveway access for vehicles and most importantly how the look of your street frontage is. In connection to this, you will need to confirm the carport’s sizing to help accommodate this. Confirming the size will also make sure you can park, open doors, and access your vehicle easily at all times. Other than this, a carport’s sizing may also depend on the clearance height of your area and thus affect the positioning as well. 

Once both the position and size are confirmed for your carport, you may need to check for any needed additional features like privacy screens and sun shades. As an open wall structure, your carport may need a privacy sheet on one side or a roller door on the front. If your area is prone to sun exposure, it would be recommended to have aluminium or timber slats, solid walling and blinds. To ensure all factors are met and you choose the best carport type for your property, it would be good to consult a professional service.

Why Choose Geelong Carports For Your Carport Installation

We at Geelong Carports aim to provide customers with a reliable service at a budget friendly rate. With years of working on carports under our belt, we make sure that your carport needs are met from the design phase right through to completion. If you are unsure on what type of carport can be applied to your property, you can be assured that our specialists will help you throughout the entire process. If you wish to start on your first consultation with us, feel free to contact us via our hotline or online.