6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Carport

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Vehicles are one of the most valuable investments that you could acquire. That is why it is important to protect it from the ever-changing weather conditions and other risks that could damage it. If you are scouring for an alternative way to store and protect your car without building a standard garage, a top-grade carport might be the one for you.

In Geelong, carports are favoured by many homeowners because of their flexibility in style, practicality and affordability. At Geelong Carports, through our innovative machinery, high-grade materials and skilled tradespeople, we can efficiently take care of your carport projects from design to finish. Whether you just want a simple open-sided carport or a classic gable roof carport, we ensure that our team can make them for you.

Let our certified experts help you in protecting your vehicles. If you are still thinking of whether you should have a carport or garage, here are the six reasons why you should invest in our carports.


Many residents who do not have a garage are just parking their vehicles on their driveway or the streets. Depending on where you are located, parking in these areas may expose your car to various elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail and sun. The effects may not be obvious at first, but frequent exposure to these elements can significantly reduce your car’s value and lifespan. Having a carport installed is a cheap yet effective solution to protect your vehicle. Since it has a roof, it can prevent various weather damages such as cracking interior leather, fading paint, hail damage and others.


At Geelong Carports, we have established partnerships with the trusted local manufacturers in town. That is why all our carports are made from high-quality, reliable, and affordable materials. If you don’t have a budget yet or don’t have enough space for a regular garage, a carport can be your best friend. You will save more time and money when you have a carport because the materials and installation costs are more affordable than a garage. There are also manufacturers who provide ready-to-install carport kits for an easy DIY project.


Aside from accommodating your vehicle, carports can also serve as an additional storage space. You can choose an extra-large carport to store other items such as your lawnmower, boat, snowmobile, motorcycle or other machinery.


During the hot summer days, you can turn your carport into a shaded area where people can play and relax. If you already have a garage, you can use it for other purposes as well, such as an area for cookouts and gatherings, an extension of your porch or patio and a covered seating area.


Have you ever experienced coming from a grocery store after a shopping spree, and you are carrying several bags all while rummaging for your garage door opener? With a carport, you can just conveniently exit your car and walk toward your house. Besides that, a carport can help save on electricity. You don’t have to use electronic garage door openers and other fixtures that consume energy with a carport.

Aesthetic Value

If you do not have a garage, your property may look unorganized and cluttered with all the cars on the street or driveway. A custom-made carport is not just a practical choice for parking. It can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home that can significantly boost its curb appeal.